Ways to Give

Make a Pledge

• If you a.) have never pledged or b.) have paid off any previous pledge(s), click here for options on how to make either a.) an initial or b.) an additional Continued Commitment to the Specialty®

Make a Payment

• If you have an existing pledge and have been sent an invoice:
     - Go to http://www.aaoinfo.org/members
     - Log onto this web site, with your User Name and Password
     - Click “AAO Store”
     - Then click “Open Invoices”
• If you have an existing pledge (but no current unpaid invoice) and would like to either a.) pay ahead or b.) establish a payment schedule via a credit card, click here.
     - Then, mail to the AAOF at the address listed below
     - Or, call in this information to the AAOF at 800-424-2841, #516

Make a Gift

• One-time gift
     - Go to http://www.aaoinfo.org/members
         · If an AAO Member, log onto this web site, with your User Name and Password
         · If not a member, create an account after you “Make Contribution” – see below
     - Click “Store” (top horizontal)
     - Then click "AAO Foundation Contribution" (first category) link
     - Make contribution, following prompts
• “In Memory of” or “In Honor of”
     - Mail a check, with particulars, to:
          401 N. Lindbergh Blvd.
          St. Louis, MO 63141

Give to the Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collection

The AAO Foundation Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collections Project is available on a complimentary basis but there is a cost to the Foundation for maintaining this website.  If you would like to help fund this valuable resource, please make a donation to the AAO Foundation.