Our Results

My personal experience and my 10 years of teaching at UCLA have given me a unique perspective into the absolute need for the AAO Foundation. - Dr. Joseph Gray, PCSOICA

The Mission of the AAOF is to advance the orthodontic specialty by supporting quality education and research that leads to excellence in patient care.  Foundation funding ensures the future viability of the specialty by investing in the next generation of educators and researchers.

Since 1994, the AAO Foundation Awards Program has provided just over $12.3 million in funding, primarily in support of Junior Faculty, including:  

  • 232 Fellowship Awards
  • 242 Research Awards
  • Over 1,000 Gifts in Support of Orthodontic Education

Support for Junior Faculty has resulted in:

  • Publications – over 100 articles and abstracts, most of which have been published in journals within orthodontics, but many in journals outside the specialty and the profession.
  • Lectures – scores of lectures at dental, orthodontic and at other scientific meetings as well.   
  • Professional advancement – 
    • Of the 66 Department Chairs and 36 Program Directors (total of 102) in the 72 graduate orthodontic residency programs in the U.S. and Canada, 31 were supported early in their academic careers by the AAO Foundation. 
    • Numerous tenured, associate and full professor positions 
    • 19 NIH funding recipients
    • 80% of Junior Faculty supported by the AAOF remain in full-time academics after five years.
    • On the AAOF website, there are Final Reports from some 430 peer-reviewed, funded proposals.

In addition to support of Junior Faculty, the Foundation has created the AAOF Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collection designed to preserve representative materials from the participating orthodontic collections.