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2019 Awards Materials

Submissions are to consist of one paper copy AND one electronic copy on a USB flash drive/CD sent to:

The American Association of Orthodontists Foundation
Attention:  Foundation Executive Director
401 North Lindbergh
St. Louis, MO 63141-7816

  • By 12/14/18 - 5:00 PM CST
  • Firm deadline; no exceptions
  • Deadline is applicant's responsibility
(We are NOT using an online submission website this funding cycle)


Criteria for the Louise Ada Jarabak Memorial International Teachers and Research Award

Nominations for the Jarabak Award are to be received from AAO constituent societies no later than February 1 of the preceding year, i.e., nominations for the 2011 Jarabak Award are to be received by the AAOF by February 1, 2010.

The criteria for this award are:

  • The nominee must be an orthodontist.
  • A candidate should be either a full- or part-time teacher of orthodontics in a graduate program or be a department chair in an orthodontic program.
  • The person should also be associated with orthodontic research in some capacity, such as that of a primary investigator or a member of a group research program.
  • The person shall have made personal sacrifices in his/her efforts to promote the orthodontic specialty.
  • It is desirable that the person has published his/her work.
  • Having made essay presentations at the constituent or national AAO level will be viewed more favorably.
  • A nominee must have been living at the time of the nomination.
  • Only nominations from Constituent Societies are considered.
  • To be included in the materials submitted with each nomination is the nominee's curriculum vitae/resume which outlines such areas as orthodontic teaching/research accomplishments, orthodontic teaching/research positions held, orthodontic publications, and orthodontic scientific presentations.

The Jarabak Award recipient may be a citizen of any country, and in years divisible by three (e.g., 2001) nominations must be citizens of countries other than the United States or Canada.

The Foundation has determined that the monetary value of the award is $2,000 annually, and is to include both expenses and honorarium.



2016                Dr. Kevin O'Brien

2015                Dr. Eustaquio A. Araujo and Dr. Vincent G. Kokich (Posthumously)

2014                Dr. Walter C. Sandusky, Jr.

2013                Dr. Roberto D. Justus

2012                Dr. Samir Bishara (Posthumously)

2011                Dr. Rolf G. Behrents

2010                Dr. Takayuki Kuroda

2009                Dr. Anthony A. Gianelly                   

2008                Dr. John S. Casko

2007                Dr. Bjorn U. Zachrisson

2006                Dr. Lysle E. Johnston, Jr. and Dr. Ronald H. Roth (Posthumously)

2005                Dr. Jagdish M. Chadha

2004                Dr. James. P. Moss

2003                Dr. Harold T. Perry, Jr. and Dr. W. Eugene Roberts

2002                Dr. James L. Vaden

 2001                Dr. Athanasios Athanasiou

2000                Dr. James J. Baldwin and Dr. William R. Proffit

1999                Dr. Alton W. Moore

1998                Dr. Frans P.G.M. van der Linden

1997                Dr. A. Howard Sather

1996                Dr. S. Eugene Coben

1995                Dr. Birte Melsen

1994                Dr. T. M. Graber

1993                Dr. J. Daniel Subtelny and Dr. James E. McIver (Posthumously)

1992                Dr. Arne Bjork

1991                Dr. George Andreasen (Posthumously) and Dr. Harry Dougherty

1990                Dr. Birgit Thilander

1989                Dr. Faustin N. Weber (Deceased)

1988                Dr. Walter Jack Tulley

1987                Dr. Charles H. Smith (Deceased)

1986                Dr. Anders Lundstrom

1985                Dr. Sakae Keith Tanaka

1984                Dr. Fujio Miura

1983                Dr. Samuel Weinstein


Salzmann Lecture Criteria

"The lecture should deal with orthodontics and cognate subjects as they relate to the provision of orthodontic care under community, state, federal and private programs in which the fee is paid in part or in whole by an agency other than the direct recipient of the orthodontic service.  The lectures may deal also with research and actual methods of practice as they apply to the individual patient regardless of the method of payment or nonpayment for the service."[1]

[1]Excerpt from Paul Friedman, P.C., June 20, 1974, letter


Jacob A. Salzmann Lecturers

2016 - Dr. Lawrence F. Andrews

2015 - Dr. Karin Vargervik

2014 - Dr. R. G. "Wick" Alexander

2013 - Dr. Sunil Kapila

2012 - Dr. Sheldon Baumrind

2011 - Dr. Tiziano Baccetti

2010 - Dr. Stephanos Kyrkanides

2009 - Dr. Anthony A. Gianelly

2008 - Dr. W. Eugene Roberts

2007 - Dr. Peter Ngan

2006 - Dr. David L. Turpin

2005 - Dr. Katherine W. L. Vig

2004 - Dr. James L. Vaden

2003 - Dr. P. Lionel Sadowsky

2002 - Dr. Robert M. Little

2001 - Dr. David M. Sarver

2000 - Dr. Robert Lee Vanarsdall

1999 - Dr. Donald R. Joondeph

1998 - Dr. Lysle E. Johnston, Jr.

1997 - Dr. Lennart Wieslander

1996 - Dr. Vincent G. Kokich

1995 - Dr. Per Rygh

1994 - Dr. James A. McNamara

1993 - Dr. Sten Linder-Aronson, Dr. Donald G. Woodside

1992 - Dr. Rolf Behrents

1991 - Dr. William R. Proffit

1990 - Dr. Jean-Pierre Joho

1989 - Dr. Robert E. Moyers

1988 - Dr. T. M. Graber

1987 - Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni

1986 - Dr. Bjorn U. Zachrisso


Blair Award Recipients

2016 - Raymond George (NESO/RI) and Terry Pracht (GLAO/OH)

2015 - Ron Redmond (PCSO/CA)

2014 - Terry L. Duncan (SWSO/KS) Posthumously

2013 - Robert L. Boyd (PCSO/CA)

2012 - Fred A. Garrett (SWSO/TX)

2011 - James E. Gjerset (MSO/ND)

2010 - John K. Pershing, Jr. (MSO/NE)

2009 - Grady L. Price (SAO/AL)

2008 - Robert B. Morrison (SWSO/KS)

2007 - Rolf G. Behrents (MSO/MO)

2006 - Eugene S. Blair (MSO/IL)


Planning and Awards Review Committee (PARC)

While keeping the ultimate fiduciary responsibility of the Awards Program, the Foundation Board has delegated to the Planning and Awards Review Committee (PARC) the responsibility of reviewing the various applications and recommending which are to be funded, as well as making recommendations about any alterations in the Foundation's Awards Program.

PARC is composed of eight voting members and one nonvoting member: Voting members of PARC are selected by the AAOF BOD from recommendations originating from the AAO BOT (through both the AAO COE and AAO COSA), PARC, and from the AAOF Board itself. Individuals recommended by either council and nominated by the AAO BOT need not be members of either council. Typically, PARC members serve a maximum of two three-year terms. The Chair and Vice Chair of PARC are both determined by the AAOF BOD. The nonvoting member of PARC, who is designated the AAOF Board Liaison to PARC, is selected by the AAOF BOD from among Foundation Directors.

PARC membership 2010-2011 is Sunil Kapila (GLAO/MI – Chair),Kirk Edward Simmons (SWSO/AR – Vice Chair, Calogero Dolce (SAO/FL), Laura Iwasaki (MSO/MO), Stephen J. Lindauer (SAO/VA), Hyun-Duk Nah (MASO/PA), Emile Rossouw (SWSO/TX), and Orhan C. Tuncay (MASO/PA). Darrell Clark (MSO/MO) continues to serve as Board Liaison to PARC.